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Melody Ranch Kennel

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In order to raise the best quality puppies, we began with some Champion pedigreed foundation dogs.  Whether you are looking for an Applehead or Deer type Chihuahua, you will find an outstanding selection of fabulous looking puppies.
We do not breed  for puppies that are closely related to one another.  Our parent dogs are on site and available for your inspection. 
We offer many colors of puppies, including blue!!!!! Some of our babies are spotted, while others are several colors.  Just like ice cream, we all like something different.  The only difference is that these lick back!
WE also offer Poodles in several colors.

Long Coat Chihuahua
This is a Cappichino Jerry baby from this past fall. You can usually tell if a puppy is going to be a long coat by the time it is four weeks old.  The mother is Jelly Bean.


Baby "Jerry" only $299.00
How cute is this?  Do you want to be my family?  I have many brothers and sisters that are ready to go to your house.  Come and see us!
I like to snuggle!


Baby Diva!!!
I'm all that!
I am available for $1,200.00
 This little darling is a long coat tiny girl.  Puppies usually range in price from $250.00 to $600.00. This puppy is very special and will be very tiny.   Baby Diva is $1200.00  Most puppies are toy size which means that they will be anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds.  Of course, that depends on how many carbohydrates they eat! 
Sold  (oops! you waited too long)
I am now in my new home with my human parents!  I am soooo spoiled.

Melody Ranch Kennel

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