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Melody Ranch Kennel

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IT'S HERE!!!!!  Please click on the link below and read, you will be amazed at why we haven't had this information before now!!!!

As promised here above, is the link for ParvoBuster!!!
Spring is here and we have several beautiful babies for your forever pet. We also have many long coats available in the Chihuahua families.

Puppies available! CLICK HERE* Many more available for you.

"Cappy My Heart"
Our gorgeous long coat stud!

Welcome to the Melody Ranch Kennel!

Picking out a new puppy is like adopting a new baby.  Consideration must be given as to care, veterinary visits, food, shelter, and family environment. 
Our puppies are raised at home and are very social, happy babies.  We spend a great deal of time choosing the lineage of each and every puppy that we raise.  Careful thought is put into physical and personality traits as parents are matched to bring forth the very best in genetics.  We specialize in Chihuahuas, both long coats and smooth coats.  We also have a few select other breeds available. Remember, we usually always have a few adoptable older dogs, either free or a nominal fee. Discounts for seniors! We hope you enjoy your visit to our site!  Please feel free to contact us further for questions or directions.

Running a business is never easy, but raising the best quality puppies for your home and family makes a huge difference in job satisfaction. Imagine going to work every day and receiving hundreds of kisses as well as being greeted with adoration.  Imagine working in a nursery of brilliant coat colors, ecstatic mothers, and expectant fathers.  Although the nights can be long, nothing can replace the feeling of joy as you hear all of the babies squeaking with content after a nice supper of warm mother's milk.

Our babies are guaranteed for congenital defects in order for you to receive a healthy puppy.  All of our babies are current on shots and worming for your protection and for their safety.  Choosing the right puppy for your family is extremely important as some puppies are better suited for families with small children.  Check out our guarantee, our puppy pictures, and our imformation on the various types of puppies that are available.  We are constantly updating our site with pictures and stories. 
We have many types and breeds of puppies-call to see if we have what you want, maybe one of our babies will be your next family pet!

A tisket a tasket a Chihuahua in your basket
Wouldn't you love to take me home?

Melody Ranch's Finest

Fawn Long Coat and Smooth
  Coat Chihuahua Breeding

We welcome visitors& families to the Melody Ranch Kennels every day.  The best time is 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.  For your personalized tour please call and make an appointment.  We are open evenings by appointment only due to exercise times for the canine familes.

You may also contact us through our e-mail at:

Melody Ranch Kennel

3528 FM 1346 LaVernia, TX 78121

(210) 667-9844

Just 20 mi. East of the Alamo!