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Teacup vs. Toy ???

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Teacup vs. Toy ???
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A Teacup Chihuahua is a rarity.  You will certainly hear people who are not in the know tell you that they breed "for" T-cups.  Any professional breeder knows just the opposite is true.  T-cups are only the tiniest of a particular litter.   Dwarfs are born of Chihuahuas that are under 3lbs. and don't usually survive past 2 yrs. at best.  This is why you don't see the "pocket"
Chihuahua very often.  T.V. stars are seen carrying these in their purse etc.  These Chihuahuas usually weigh in at more than 4 lbs. and are called "T-cups".   Four lbs. is considered a TOY Chihuahua which is within the standard.
Be very careful which "Tiny" Chihuahua you purchase from anyone who claims it to be a "T-cup" Ask for a guarantee.

 This is an example of a 13 week old baby Chihuahua that was a T-cup.  "Pinata" only lived 4 days after this picture was taken.  Notice the unusually large head, the bloated belly, the tiny feet and legs, and scrawny tail.  This sweet baby was "hypoglycemic" aka low blood sugar her whole short life. 


 "Pinata" died of natural causes due to the extreme dwarfism problem associated with T-cup pups.  These babies also break bones easily, and have too much open fontanel or soft spot.  Often advertised for many dollars because of their small size.  Be careful not to buy one of these from anyone who promises that your puppy will weigh only 3 lbs. when grown. 
The parents of Pinata were nuetered and spayed.

 Toy Chihuahua

 A gorgeous baby from the "Cappichino Jerry" lineage.  This is a normal baby Chihuahua.


This is "Ginobili" a perfect example of a true Chihuahua according to the standard size.  Ginobili is available for $ 475.00
OOPS!  You missed me!  I have gone home with my new family, boy are they spoiling me!  Teehee!  I have lotsa new toys! & my very own children to play with.

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